Step One

The investigation process begins with Step One, contacting us. While we bill hourly, we do offer a free initial consultation to review your case, determine the options available and how to proceed. The initial consultation can take place over the phone, through email, at a place of convenience for our client or our office located in downtown Vancouver by appointment only.

Upon completion of the free initial consultation a contract is provided for signature outlining the case. At this point is when a retainer is provided and we open up the case in our industry leading case management software.

Step Two

The investigation process continues with Step Two, conducting the investigation. We keep detailed notes, utilize photography and video to document our process and maintain time sheet logs while keeping everything logged into our case management software.

At the conclusion of the physical investigation we begin to disseminate all of the information obtained during the time spent working the investigations regardless if it is an asset search, background check, subject locate, surveillance or other service requested. A report is generated and prepared for the next step.

Step Three

The investigation process draws to a close with Step Three, reviewing the findings. We either can either sit down with the client to review the findings in our confidential investigative report or return it to the client via email if that is the preference. At times the client will wish to investigate certain findings further and other times the investigation formally concludes with Step Three.

At the conclusion of the three step investigation process any remaining funds left on the retainer are refunded and a invoice showing the amount paid for investigative services is provided for record.